Send a private message to Sentai Tamashii. It is truly fun and amazing and everything that Akibaranger always was. Figuarts Hell Bros Gallery S. Just seeing the cast all hang out on stage and have fun with the audience was great. A Toei producer calls the Sentai Cafe, telling the Akibarangers that he wants to make them an official Sentai team. So thankfully I’d TVN will pick this up and do it justice. How is everyone today? And to address the question that comes up every now and then:

As Nobuo is preparing to leave Akihabara for the United States, he comes to a shocking revelation about their world. Figuarts Hell Bros Gallery. Send a private message to jon. Find More Posts by RiderSkyward. RiderSkyward It’s Toku time!!!! Complete First Season Batch Wait, what? Send a private message to RiderSkyward.

OT Akibaranger – S1E8 – video dailymotion

Hopefully someone would sub it. Good Average OK Poor Complete First Season Batch. Even worse, she has taken Hakase hostage.

Page 1 of 2. Send a private message to Sentai Tamashii. Click on the episode numbers to get the patches if peisode already have these episodes. User Name Remember Me? For him, this is the Holy Grail for any Sentai fan. Send a private message to Star Sabre James. God I miss this show. Send a private message to Den-O. Tokusatsu Gagaga Discussion Thread. That raw was hilarious and fun and awesome. Fascinated by his sword play, Mitsuki applies as an apprentice. The live music and the way the audience erupted were amazing.


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The Pain Sentai, Disbanded. However, Hakase is suspicious of the sudden timing of the call, but the Akibarangers travel to Ginza anyway. Man I hope so. With the mysterious Doctor Z now in control of Blatantly Evil Marketing Firm B, Hiroyo finally reveals the truth regarding the Akibarangers, the Delusional World and their connection to the Akibaranget Aoi anime, even as they find themselves against a tough new opponent.

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Download v1 to v2 Patch. How is everyone today? Fly, Itasha, Break Past the Limits!

RiderSkyward It’s Toku time!!!! This hot mama is more than the Akibarangers can handle! The actual episode portion was really fun and featured Gosei, Go-On, and Shinken Reds appearing to bestow their ‘powers’ on the Akibarangers. Man, they really gotta sub the stage show, I can’t understand anything yet I want to know everything the actors and producers talking about Never knew that Akagi sang the end theme, they all have great voices. Find More Posts by Sentai.


Akibaranger Episode 14 Stage Show Discussion!

Sentai Tamashii Hade ni ikuze! Nobou receives a DVD from the akibatanger of the show telling them to review their mistakes for the show and if they do, they may be renewed for a second season….

Send a private message to chasesinister. Send a private message to Sentai. I’ve got it downloading now so will definitely give this a watch tomorrow. Kamen Rider Geiz Revive. But don’t stop watching once the ‘episode 14’ part is over. Find More Posts by Den-O. It is truly fun and amazing and everything that Akibaranger always was. Ryusoul Red, Ridewatch revealed! This akibaranfer good news.

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