Manu walked the street, with her bachas in tow and realized that she was penniless. Meekail even forgot the names of his own children in the rush. What freedom the actors have to refuse to do a scene or request a change in the storyline thereafter, is debatable. First of all, I would like to believe that women even manipulative women would have some scruples in making a video of another woman in a compromising position. The ending of this episode was top notch with Mishal bursting the bubble of misunderstanding and the two parallel love stories gaining momentum. She will throw a guy out of her house if he trespasses; slap a flirt in the library and control her life even when there are greater and more powerful forces at play in the form of Mohid. Meera has the innocent hope of youth, believing that their love will overcome this small hurdle in its path. Do share your thoughts on this drama and let me know what you thought of the latest episode.

Sc in Khallikote College, Brahmapur and M. The mindset of the rural and urban classes match in this respect and education seems to have played no role in liberating people from such primitive ideas. Wajiha Jawaid Published Nov 24, In , he was awarded with the Padma Shri. Actor in Law 7 Most wins film: Will continue my usual Mann Mayal reviews next week — apologies for the delay. Between the two strong women Anmol and her mother-in-law , I prefer the latter.

If she wanted to marry him, she must behave herself.

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In Episode 15Mehrbano was kidnapped by Bilal thanks to the informant Fareeha. At one such function arranged by a Bengali actor named Uttam Kumar, the audience continued requesting encores.

This site uses cookies. List of Bollywood films of topic This is a list of films produced by the Bollywood film industry based in Mumbai in This episode was rather painful viewing. Retrieved from ” https: Because of the opposition of the family, Ishwar and Shanti don’t bheeig to the house. When Meekail is angry, you can feel it in your bones. Ahsan Khan is a powerhouse of a performer and from the time he was introduced, slightly twitching his mustache, to every scene thereafter, he has an eerie charm that can easily sweep a helpless woman off her feet.


Although the drama is moving with a fast pace due to the shadi happening in the very second episode, the overall script is way too familiar.

Mann Mayal Episode 14 review by Paz.

A story which incorpates jealousy and extreme selfishness. The first two episodes set the scene of the drama introducing us to the characters.

Meera asked her brother to arrange a meeting with Ilyas to find out what was going on. This article drrama a filmography of playback singer and actor Amit Kumar.

This is the first time I have been watching any of his dramas and I totally love his performance.

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After the discharge from hospital, Ishwar got to know that his son is dead. The first type are the goody two shoes of this world, who are almost blind to logic. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Venue: Actor in Law 4 Most nominations TV series: She has appeared in a variety of television dramas and advertisements.

The best drama on Hum TV at present! Did I miss something- Hassan seemed okay with Fariha in the previous episode and then witer of the blue, he confronts her in this episode. Then, Ishwar goes back, leaving Shanti in that church. Zebo is delighted and dramw Imtiaz finishes his undertaking of fixing their roof, Zebo asks him if he will be her father.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The second biggest plus point in this bhheegi is bheegu chemistry between the two leads whenever they are on screen together.

The writing by Faiza Iftikhar is gripping but the director has equally done justice to the great script. As Hassan takes Fari to Dr Raza, he understands the connection with Mehr bano while taking the patient details. The rest of the episode dealt with the teething issues of Sheeda and Mira as they adjusted to their new and lavish surroundings where the bathrooms were big enough to be rooms and the food was enough drqma feed an army.

Sheeda stood by her daughter in the face of this verbal onslaught but later took her frustration out on her two children. Not my cup of tea, sorry! There, he meets Shanti, his wife, Smita Patil working as a school teacher.

Another worthy mention this week is Mehmood Aslam in all his scenes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Palkrin is their plight. A rather depressing episode with some unanswered questions in my mind. Email required Address never made public.


Balla explained to his sister that they could not allow themselves to grieve indefinitely or they would starve.

He was associated with Rangayan, that he co-founded with his wife Sulabha Deshpande and Vijaya Mehta. I am a Jane Bhegi fan; that should tell you the kind of romances I like. Her pain of realization is reflected in her need to sing- the song is her cry of pain and defeat in the game of love. Apart from Marathi theatre and Hindi theatre in Mumbai, she acted in over 73 mainstream Bollywood films.

She feels that her usual bad luck at the hands of destiny will ruin everything, but Raza tells her that this time around, things would be different.

Even when she feels herself weakened by fate, she finds a way to paalkein her circumstances.

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A visit to the dargha is recommended by the servant to lift her spirits and bring her peace. Imtiaz in the meantime had his mind on things other than work. He blamed Shanti for this and every day he was rude to her in hospital. See what I mean! Even Zebo, the youngest female of this drama is not safe as she is targeted when her mother is away from home. Meera has the innocent hope of youth, believing that their love will overcome this small hurdle in its path.

They discuss how strong women are weakened if their fort their husband has a weak foundation but to Anmol, a strong high walled fort can feel like a prison. Bilal escapes after a tip off from Fareeha and when noone picks Mehrbano from hospital, she ventures out onto the streets. One year down the line, Manu is expecting her drmaa child and returns home for her confinement. Episode 17 shows Mehrbano pleading her innocence with Hassan and he in-turn tries to find his way out of the confusing and hurtful turn of events.

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