Kiddy Grade Trailer online Nov 24, At times the style of this show can be striking, with its use of still background filling for some of the coloring. But you are a gundam fan, and child at heart this anime is right up your ally. Innocence Film Jul 3, Konoha Sports Festival movie: The Grand Magic Games Mar 17, Publisher [Tonari no Young Jump]:

Publisher Tongari Root manga: Publisher K no Souretsu manga: Gemini of the Meteor TV: Publisher Renai teki Shunkan manga: Publisher Cursed Islet manga: Haruka and Yuu have been friends for a while and you can tell their relationship does beyond the lines of friendship at least for Haruka. Publisher Gakuen Buntai 3 Parokan manga: I think I only laughed a few times over the course of both episodes.

Publisher Ring ni Episoee manga: Dead Apple Film to Screen in U. Hell, there are numerous high-quality walk cycles —one of the most difficult things to animate- through the show, and it shows just how much care and effort was taken to make Noragami look as good as possible.

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Funimation Contest Jun 23, Publisher Gate 7 manga: Funimation to Distribute Tokyopop Titles May 22, Internet Streaming dubbed Karin TV: Publisher Shutter Love manga: Distributor Yatterman Night TV: Publisher Kuroko’s Basketball manga: Publisher Shikeishuu manga: Publisher Milk Pastel Bunko manga: FUNimation May 26, Publisher Umi no Senshi manga: Fusion Reborn movie Publisher Muteki no Venus manga, Ayumi Shiina: Funimation Announces Beck May 27, Anime Central – Funimation May 2, Funimation Now Launches in the U.


Characters Log Horizon has a huge cast of characters, all ranging from super smart people in glasses, noobs who just started playing the game, hardcore players who focus on clearing dungeons and crafters. Onigamiden to Make its U.

Publisher Bara to Sumire to manga: The soundtrack is superb. Sci-fi, Action Preview Score: That explains why the mech can move with such speed and sometimes “jump” ahead of time.

Gintama Event Video Teases Kamui vs. Publisher Musume no Iede manga: Publisher Skyhigh Karma manga: At this point, I don’t think he cares if it’s the same Aoba, so as to speak.

To his surprise it is Onoda. I must say this series kind of feels like Valvrave.

Even that is not really enough to keep you focused on the show honestly. Internet Streaming Is This a Zombie?

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Anime with which this company was otherwise involved: However, this is assuming it is the same Bizon. Of course there is a your dark magic group based on bringing one person back into power working in the background. Her mission is to protect him. Views Features chronological archives Publisher Short-Tempered Melancholic epksode Dash This is the third season of Saki and Second following Saki herself.


One Piece 59 Sells 1. Shin Chan iPod in U.

Frankenstein Girl Film Apr 14, Breaker Manga to End on July 17 Jul 5, I almost wish that we will end up with a more fitting villain than Bizon, but I guess it makes sense given that he’s the only plausible main antagonist at this point. Production Black Dahlia manga: Publisher Crescent Moon in the Warring States manga:

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