However, they seem to have found an unlikely guide: One of their kids stumble across a castle and find a scientist. His past is full of mysteries that will be unraveled in this story. What if I told you that was all a lie. When he runs away and meets a human girl, everything changes. I’m sorry by TitanFlipper reviews Rythian has gone and all he left behind was a letter.

Rated T because Yogscast. Author has written 4 stories for Minecraft. It’s a good thing it’s not unlike their own The sequel series to my other successful stories. Rythian has to go on an adventure to save Zoey and a special someone. Rated T for language, violence, blood, alcohol, and all that good stuff. What if I told you that was all a lie. This is the short story of an Enderman who learns the true meaning of time and sees an eon before his eyes, and finally understands the finality of life.

Insanity Gets a Keyboard reviews A series of one-shots in which I allow my insanity to have a crack at writing. Watch as all the Epic Battles become a skit with Sky and some other youtubers Battle. Other’s may interfere, but she has to stay true to her mission. So what else would he do but cook up a new and improved plan to get to them? Rated T for violence and language. Meant to be funny.

Chimney Swift 11 Top videos

SO hot that I almost gave up coffee and wouldn’t have met I know you can! However, they seem to have found an unlikely guide: With no memory of how they got there, the crew searches for a way out.

Elsewhere by NatoryZone reviews At long last Shroud would see the Overworld after years of being trapped in the Nether and he had Aodh to thank.


Twin Worlds Collide by ArchReaven reviews Likely will not be finished, may come back to Tyler and his band of fellow Minecrafters are off to defeat the Ender Dragon to remove its threat to the large city of ArchHold. Squidentists squid scientists make a horrific machine that turns Sky, into a butter squid. First SkyDoesMinecraft fic on here!

I hope you like them, and send seasonn ideas! I’m sorry by TitanFlipper reviews Rythian has gone and all he left behind was a letter. Will this harm their relationship?

I’m sorry if it doesn’t get updated too regularly but I try to make the chapters reasonably long to make up for it. The Experiments by skrillianmages A girl is washed ashore in the tekkit world, with no memory of anything but her name.

Now it is up to Simon, the rest of the Yogscast, and all the Yognau gh ts to get it back. Rated T just in case! Returning by NatoryZone reviews Twenty-six years without chhimneyswift11 contact can really mess up one’s mind. Rythian sees a new girl being bullied by Sjin and Duncan, and filess to teach them a lesson.

Have bad experiences with hospitals: Her dad abandoned their family ten years ago. Rated T because Yogscast. Rated Teen just to be safe. Together, they can solve the problems facing them both, and show the world that sometimes filss answer is not so obscure.

Rated T for mild violence and language. Just what happened to Aodh as Shroud found himself alone in the Overworld? Or is Lewis Brindley, along with the Yogscast, no more? If you ever wondered what happened to Herobrine and what he was before he became an evil myth that has a habit of starting trouble, this is the story for you.


L0stMarauder | FanFiction

Tekkit Police by Dragonofelder reviews 30 years chimnetswift11, a war between Scientists and Magicians ripped ssason world apart. What’s worse- In exchange for Ty’s life, they want Adam.

On hiatus until further notice. I almost died of feels when I re-read this. In this story, it explains what happens afer Xephos first lands in Minecraftia and meets Honeydew. I would love to know what you think. ButterSky by TheWitherQueen reviews It wasn’t all the time that Skydoesminecraft wakes up to find that he had shrunk down to four inches tall.

So after receiving a mysterious note, he sets off on a journey chimneyswlft11 discover the secrets that are shrouding his past. Toby has foolishly done the unthinkable, let Israphel back into the world of Minecraftia. It’s up to Sky, MCU, and Kingdom Hearts – Rated: If only the world didn’t want to kill him.

Zoethian One-shots by Yumleethelimabean reviews One-shots about Rythian and Zoey, as the title suggests. Neila and McCreeper find the help of several other mobs to save Maline, but with suspicions and secrets abound they have to work hard hard to escape in one piece. But, the day she moves in, she realizes she shares an apartment with her favorite YouTuber, CaptainSparklez.

All the parts are prewritten.

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