I’ve heard that James Gurney’s Dinotopia books are great unlike the movies but I haven’t read them. Some aspects of this show just scream “Disney”- the good guys are either saccharine paragons of virtue or “troubled but kind” while the bad guys are scheming caricatures. The CGIs were quite good for a TV Show, although in some scenes you could clearly see that the dinos were added to the film later, especially in most of the Zippo-scenes. I know I haven’t and when I saw it, I thought it was breathtaking. David needs to learn to conquer his fears. I finished watching this series because I remember loving it as a kid and I always wanted to see it again. Wikiquote has quotations related to: That may be true, but it has felt more real to me than anything else i’ve ever seen in reality.

I would recommend this movie to anyone having a desire to enjoy a simply fun movie with enjoyable twists. Isn’t that proof enough? However, even though you are, like the brothers, dropped in the deep end of the story, it all makes sense, all the important plot strands get resolved and you can come out of it wishing that the island was real. Archived copy as title link. Of course the girl is of royalty and importance, and obviously she doesn’t want to be important, she just wants to be normal. Just keep going, or why would they have this if there are dinosaurs? It is through the interaction with dinosaurs that the brothers each go on a journey of self-discovery and development.

I have never been that wrong! The ‘series not the books is about two brothers one egotistical, the other afraid of his own shadow ; one learns humility by becoming a ceratopsian-nanny and the other becomes a pterosaurian-pilot.

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I don’t know who said that. Where is the right of the free will? One of the lovely conceits of the films is that dinosaurs and humans work with each other in a variety of different ways.


Dino’ teaches is that so wrong nowadays and enlightens so what that it’s plot and characters are preachy and two-dimensionally depicted. A deranged alchemist named Cortez discovers a potion that restores youth, but it requires the tail spikes from stegosauruses, which he is systematically hunting and killing. I enjoyed the two Gurney books upon which this mini-series was based and their stories.

The rebels intend to capitalize on their good fortune, but Karl and David aim to stop them.

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I can hardly believe they skin the dinos after they die! Watch this one with your children and don’t listen to all those impatient and cynical film critics who write tired newspaper reviews.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: But real dinosaurs would crush or eat people, not talk or create a special society. Yes No Report this.

Zippo spoke great English and was intellectual. The writing is pedestrian and often predictable to the point that adults will be rolling their eyes and groaning. One brother would do anything to go home while the other would rather stay, causing conflict. zynopsis

Edit Details Official Sites: I have to say that, ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with dinosaurs. Congratulations to the creators of such a great miniseries! Best of Dinosaur Movies.

Instead, they run about in blind deries in large, open spaces like a herd of frightened gazelle. Karl finds a lost civilization within Dinotopia, who have never even heard of Dinotopia.

It is based on the fictional world of Dinotopiaa utopia in which sentient dinosaurs and humans coexist, created by American author James Gurney.

My thoughts on this movie can only see it as a vehicle to good family fun. As I understood, they only eat fruit, vegetables, and cereals and they didn’t propose cheese or eggs for meal, which makes them more vegans than vegetarians. They find an explorer and he brings them into a complicated world of complexity.


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All in all a bunch of foolishness that is moderately entertaining, if you leave your brain at the door. Meanwhile, Frank and LeSage become friends, and the senate tries to find a way to ban the fight.

Start your free trial. But what if Romana, who dreamed being a skybax rider since her childhood, would have been chosen to work in the hatchery? PaleoLover 10 July In the city, David tried to learn new things about DInotopia such as their cultures, geography, and language while Karl decided to find a way out of Dinotopia.

Unfortunately, I found this particular production to be overlong and tedious for the most part, with an entirely too predictable plot and far too many “Why would they do that’s” thrown in for bad measure. Not worth it ishootducks 13 August It deserves to be put to the big-screen, but it may loose some things when it would be edited to shorten it.

They will tell all there is to know about Dinotopia better than the movies. It was probably made for those with a strong imagination and who believe in the impossible. Ona mysterious island, they meet an antique seller named Cyrus Crabb and he showed them around the world of Dinotopia, ran by Mayor Waldo.

I know I haven’t and when I saw it, I thought it was breathtaking. What do those people do for fun?

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