But he has to wait for Grandma Willow to get everyone settled in and stuff. She tells Laura they can go to her house and write their lists together. Hamtaro is amazed by them. Hamtaro tags along, and finds Dexter, Boss, Oxnard, and Howdy. He snuck into the car and came along for the ride. While Laura packs her bag, Hamtaro gets trapped inside. Oxnard says that Kana has dolls like them too and he’s never been able to talk to them either.

Bijou explains how Maria like Air Date: He’s in his cage and is trying to figure out how to get out. She’s sure this is what happened when Kana leaves school early that day, but after spending some time with Hamtaro, she decides to go over to Kan. They think that Sandy’s owner, who is Kana’s friend, may hold information that could help them, but they don’t know what to do since they can’t talk to humans. Laura’s book is some kind of mythical tale about knights and stuff, but she’s having trouble staying awake. However, he doesn’t want to tell them where it is. Laura is going to Travis’s birthday party, but she isn’t sure what to give Travis as a gift. The proud mother cat turns her attention away from the hamsters, and at last the Ham-Hams are able to make their escape.

Laura’s grandma visits and tells Laura about her long-lost friend and their identical clocks. Yoshi hands Laura a test. Then, Boss shows up! Breaking and Exiting – Movies Feb 25th.

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As the alarm continues going off, her Mom yells from downstairs about it. We provide no support for third party add-ons installed on your devices, as they do not belong to us. She said last year she wrote a present that she wanted on a list to Santa.

The hamsters can’t believe that there was another pair of glasses just like dad’s, and realize they hammtaro their cappyy and energy trying to get dad’s glasses home safely. However, you can still have fun with them.

She flashes back to she morning she excitedly opened that gift from Santa. The Ham-Hams attempt a dramatic rescue, but Hamtaro and Boss are chased, and the others get trapped under a bucket. But Hamtaro doesn’t seem to be the only thing Air Date: Disclaimer – This is a news site. On the way to Mr. Hatmaro goes down to find out what’s going on. Summer’s over, and its time for Laura to go back to school.


To treat Bijou for another incredible rainbow, they search for one, but they are unable to find one. They refer to Elder Ham and he reveals that they should go on a roof of a green house. The Ham-Hams don’t know what a beach is and they decide to go with Laura and Kana.

Bijou explains how Maria like Air Date: In their search, Hamtaro and Oxnard discover a great story about the frozen lake in the park. Oddly though, the star starts glowing a bright red. Once they get there the Ham-Hams have fun in the sand and Hamtaro is just about to go into the water, and then a huge from a hamster’s perspective tidal wave comes!

Maxwell claims to have read about them, but he was lying. Haruna’s office, Hamtaro picks up two hitchhikers, Oxnard and Penelope, who have just escaped from an angry crow. It’s the morning of Valentine’s Day and Laura has two boxes of chocolate. Hamtaro thinks it looks so magical. Season 1 Episode 21 – The Wise, Elder-Ham Laura’s grandma visits and tells Laura about her long-lost friend and their identical clocks.

When Maxwell and Oxnard are out walking in the park, they find Boss fishing. Season 1 Episode 19 – Jingle, the Wanderer Laura’s father asks her to deliver an important floppy disk to his office.

Season 1 Episodes After missing the time at which he’s supposed to go home, he’s even more determined to become a field hamster, but the ham-hams try to talk him out of it, fearing that among other things his owners will be sad if he’s gone.

On a warm summer day, Laura curage Kana dress in kimonos to go to the Summer Festival. Boss and Stan start a showdown to determine who is the “”King Ham of the Snow”” and soon all the Ham-Hams are engaged in a snowball fight.


Could it be that Sandy’s brother is Air Date: She’s thinking about Hamtaro, she likes how he really notices her when she’s wearing hamyaro beautiful ribbons. When the day of the performance arrives, the girls impress both Elder-Ham and Maxwell; Hamtaro sees this as a chance to ask Maxwell about Sandy, but he can’t find the words.

They wonder if maybe he isn’t changing cojrage diet or something. As he continues, he runs into a hamster who seems very nervous.

The female ham-hams hope she can help them make gifts, but she says she actually needs some help herself. Bijou is in her cage admiring her ribbons and making herself look nice. The two competes against each other to become the best babysitter, which causes them to get into a brawl.

Hamtaro arrives at the clubhouse an Air Date: At the clubhouse, Boss is complaining of a stomachache from eating too many sunflower seeds. Hamtaro heads off to meet the ham-hams. Laura shows her parents what Hamtaro did to her curtains. Season 1 Episode 22 – Boss is a Mom!

Cappy has been beginning to think that his pampered life with his owners Kip and Sue is boring and when he sees the way Boss lives, he begins to think that he might enjoy the life of a field hamster. She’s going to be late for school.

Hamtaro – Saison 1 – Courage, Chapo ! – Vodkaster

Hamtaro hears this and thinks that the ham-hams should have a field trip too. Hmataro when she doesn’t see Hamtaro, she figures he must be sleeping.

He recommends tidying up the place. They eventually find him in a secluded area tending to a kitten.

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