During the meeting, you took the following notes. Setelah mempelajari Bab 2, siswa diharapkan mampu: The boat is popularly called perahu klotok which is a boathouse that can accommodate four people. The partner responds to the expression. How did the battle inluence the national revolution at that time? Ilyas Yakoub Tirto Adhi Soerjo.

Correct them if she does not. On the weekends, my family and I like to spend our time doing karaoke at home. How are things going on, Sinta? Once upon a time, in the village, there is a poor family which live with the shortage, because of unprofit bussiness one day, the father wants to go trade. It its you well, and when you wear it, it reminds me of the freedom ighters. Pay attention to the complimenting expressions and the responses. What were the activities events that happened? They form the southern end of the Niagara Gorge.

Orangutans, which literally mean, the man of the forest, are the largest arboreal animal on the planet.

Read aloud the dialog with a classmate. The publisher will do it for me.

Is there something in the text that is not relevant to your life? After that, do the scissors, rock, and paper again. Do you know the type of sentence patterns that you can use to tell about the past events?

Where do you think you can ind a recount text?

What are Bayu, Riri, and Santi discussing? Yeah, many of them became casualties of the war.

Mohammad Yamin

When do we congratulate people? Can the tourists enjoy the ilm in their own language? Identify the bold-typed expressions and ill in the table below with the question and statement forms of the expressions. How does Dita respond to what Ditto says? Datudid justify their leadership role within society by fulfilling their secular and religious tasks.


The new identities make you unfamiliar with each other because that is the irst time you meet.

What can vrama enjoy in the Cave of the Winds? It its you well, and when you wear it, it reminds me of the freedom ighters. Combine them to make noun phrases. The house has a large garden so that they can enjoy gardening on the weekends. It must be a memorable experience for you.

Her actual remains lie below, at garden level. Some body help me With Creeping and try to wake up and walk in the stormy weather to find save place suddenly he see a castle. He was declared a National Hero of Indonesia in for his resistance to Dutch colonialism. Every body is happy. On May 29, in one of its sessions, Yamin delivered a speech on certain philosophical and political foundations for the proposed new nation and enumerated five principles for the nation that would emerge after independence.

Sisingamangaraja XII

Riza hopes that his supervisor would approve his proposal. Draw a diagram that shows chronologically the events that led to the battle 5. Remember the story you just listened to. When you go home, leave nothing in the area but your footsteps and bring Source: Sabariah never gets tired of giving him advice every time he makes problem. Make up short dialogs for the following situations. Alice told her pen pal that she admired JK.


Does she like reading books? What do you need to consider before visiting a place? Our plan has many alternatives. Log In Sign Up.

You can come to my house. It was unfortunate that the approval from the artiste agency was not granted. Do you know how a historical recount is told or written? Hello ……… any body here! The irst one has been done for you. Read text 1 carefully.

They need lots of attention as you can imagine. Dokumen Kemdikbud Picture 7. You have to guess what words that your teacher has in mind. You can also rewrite the experience of the boy you listened to part Gor the one your group created part Hor write your own experience.

Kelas X Bahasa Inggris BS | Hilman Adi Jangkr3 –

See number 1 as an example. My younger brother is an elementary school student. How would you feel? Pretend as if you were a guide describing the special peculiarities of the tourism object. What are your hobbies? I would also like to

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