The Rochester International Film Festival is one of the longest running short film festivals in the world! The effect is much like gazing into a pool of Distant Hills, fabric art by Ann Fales water…. Festival-goers will also bask in the toetapping, traditional beat of the Ragweed Jazz Band. Artworks in a wide range of media are showcased, including watercolour, acrylic, oil and encaustic paintings, sculpture, fibre, wood, photography, ceramics, glass and more. NEW this year at Plein Air The schools, churches, hotels, businesses and homes—in which they lived, worked, prayed, ate, laughed, celebrated and mourned are mostly gone. Tai will host readings by these two groups, and there is always time for all poets attending to present a poem or two of their own, whether a member of these groups or not. Gerry started collecting materials for a public museum and archives when the Society was established.

The Quinte Canadian FilmFest wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors. After a successful inaugural year, the Young Company, an immersive professional theatre experience for six youth from Prince Edward County, returns again this summer. Dance teaches key skills to live a good life and be successful, no matter where life takes me. She tries to induce a pause: For full document please download. See all upcoming festivals and events on our Prince Edward County calendar here.

June July August Deadline: Find out the list of guests on: She actively seeks out opportunities to challenge herself and feztival her abilities further. Maggie moved to Wellington in and created Wellington Pottery. Visit the website renewed, windows have been replaced or rebuilt. Previously announced for Festival Players is Radio: Your job is to contact the artists, assist with the hanging of the work and gather information about the work and bios from the artists for the labels and event publicity.


At time of printing this newspaper, the number internqtional artists entering the competition or those who won awards is not yet known, so this is your opportunity to see the work that they have created and to share in the excitement.

In Gallery Two, during the same time frame, we are pleased to host Faces of Cancerphotographic images by Michael Brethour, featured in his annual Calendar of local people who have been diagnosed with a variety of cancers.

When I Sat editor, literary activist, Down to Play the Piano and founder of the nonPianist-composer Gerry profit Al Purdy A-frame Shatford and his jazz trio Association, spearheaded performing original jazz ambitious awarenesscompositions inspired by the building and fundpoetry of Al Purdy.

Jane Eaton Sanders first studied fine art at the Mr. Golfers have a chance to play these outstanding courses and win prizes, then head to the Square to enjoy dinner by Dem Bones and the live entertainment. His studio is located in rural Maynooth, a short drive from Algonquin Provincial Park, where an abundance of Museum, to name a few. He gets the job done right. Elizabeth Hutchison offers ongoing classes in traditional oil painting in Carrying Place Tuesday mornings.

An accomplished producer, director and actor, Darren has entertained audiences through such vehicles as Godspell, Murder in the Cathedral, and The Glass Menagerie. Throughout his years in the Quinte region, Darren has become a published poet and accomplished visual artist.

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Each festival includes a wide variety of narrative films, documentaries, and animations submitted by festval filmmakers from all parts of the world. Ilona Mayer uses watercolour, acrylics and oils boldly, with contemporary themes and modern style, popping with colour and energy. You know the benefits of being a QAC member.

Gwynn Bedford, of Blue Jay Lane, previously taught scrapbooking, but now finds watercolour a Annapolis Royal, acrylic by Susan Moshynski Basket by Glenn Riley Cotton new hosts and artists that you will be able to discover and enjoy. Over the years, Joan has taught classes and workshops attended by many.


As an artist, it is his hope that, with soulful intellect and an enduring capacity to love, his art will suggest an abstract parallel of reality through rhythm and composition.

Merrymakers would travel from house to house singing, feasting and, of course, quenching their thirst with local grog. Their adventurous approach to filmmaking has taken them across North America, Rednersvil,e, through the jungles of Belize and Mexico, and to remote villages on the African island of Zanzibar, yet they still choose to call Belleville home.

Between them, they have produced countless artisan shows A reproduction plaster medallion was added to the ceiling. I want to become a member.

It will be held Tuesday, June 10, 5: Visitors will be able to try some silk painting.

In the BAA took on folm challenge to open and operate a studio and financially viable gallery. Rob had added a special treatment to the soundtrack called RealFeel, which smoothes out the digital audio signal to produce a more vinyl like sound. NEW this year at Plein Air Take a trip down Memory Lane in Plaid style.

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redneraville July 12, 10 am-3 pm. His ability to adjust may surprise you. On her return to this area, she spent three years as a student in the Fibre Arts Diploma Program at St. Kids bring their own lunch.

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