Thanks for publishing this. Someone who lost her young brother, and found him after a decade only to face more troubles. The drama serial revolved around the life of a woman who was driven to an extreme because of her lonliness. She is the break through star. And the trend is nowhere near slowing down. A novel, and never before touched concept.

Someone who lost her young brother, and found him after a decade only to face more troubles. Soon after the marriage of Nihal and Umm-e-Kulsoom, Nihal reveals his real self and force Umm-e-Kulsoom to forgo her religious beliefs and rituals. Rating and sponsorship means everything. ARY Digital dared to be different with this one. An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Roag was aired on Geo TV. Log in Forgotten Your Password? The drama failed to address the topic of rape.

Or have they taken these taboos as an example to be exploited? Why romanticizing ‘extra marital affairs’ has been ok for years?

Let’s say if not, then they should show victim has taken any stand.

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Have they learnt and become aware of the evils in the society? Unfortunately, the later has been the case with most of the recent TV plays.

When the first look of Roag was released, I found it quite childish. Sammi dares rosg address the issue of how a woman is made a child bearing machine unless she churns out a male child and how laws of humanity fail when it falls into the hands of the so-called Chaudhrys to make a decision.

Just take a look at the cover of most ‘romantic novel’s by the queens of such trash – Barbara Cartland, Jackie Collins – the stuff most women are addicted to, and you will notice one singular attribute.

Dec 27, He extracts amazing performances out of everyone. This is one of the most complex characters to have ever been created for our TV.

While Sharmeen is engaged to and passionately in love with well-known director Sarmad Khoosat.


This is creation of minds rotten by single aim of making money by eroding values that civilizations learnt in s of years. Roag Drama Serial – Saturdays at Yameen Pirzada is still raw.

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A photo posted by Tooba Siddiqui toobasiddiquiofficial on Jan 9, at Similarily the writer for Rag Raho should have studied rape by either contact an caxt rape information center or just Google and learn. This is among one of his best roles. I don’t dramx how these so drzma writers are given the task to write script of a national televised drama as they are so dumb to not know the personality traits of a rapist!

What these writers and producers etc are doing is very dangerous trend inciting and encouraging violence against women and telling people that not only it acceptable but rewarding too. Will they enjoy the real life drama?

How do you expect a small child to behave when she has to face her perpetrator every single day? Plot accelerates the passage of time and subsides the intensity of grief for the family; but soon after 12 years, settled draam a new city Nimra has to face Ayaz, the man behind her devastation as her proposed husband.

Faisal Quraishi HassanNadia Jameel. And ultimately Umm-e-Kulsoom, who was known for her mesmerizing Quranic recitation, turns out to be a singer of national repute. If every other guy starts to do acts like this to feed his ego, imagine the state of society then.

I didn’t even try to create some justifications for his wrongdoings like he was abused as a child or any other such reason to “justify” his evil nature. This is so true people have roxg way too far in this regard not keeping in mind what negative implications it would lay on people. Dec 28, As a caveat its important to note that Pakistani dramas do not exist in isolation: The character has various shades, and she is perfect in all of them.


TV shows like GOT basically sexually arouses people and makes them more open to the filthy acts like rape.

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The actress who till now was known more for her beauty than her acting skills is amazing in this role. Is the morale, that cultural rasm e rawaj come first and common sense second? What kind of new trend they are trying to bring.

Its like the drama Sanam which ddrama up serious mental illness as if it is a mixed candy bag. Hassan Malik Produced by: We can’t give sick heroes a pass and cloak their lust as innocence or that he didn’t know any better. Our dramas have brought taboos to life- with a perfect and very well balanced combination of storytelling.

Very pertinent and timely article. Love fell off the bandwagon years ago. The most novel part about the story is that it never gets predictable, and each episode has something new to offer. Initially Umm-e-Kulsoom was in love with her cousin Moosa, who become crippled for life by the virtue of an accident and since then misunderstandings arrive amongst the two. Asim and Shahla get closer and closer as she feels Asim could be her stepping stone while Asim has dast in love with her.

The story focuses on how this incident changes her life, and affects her entire family. It is a beautifully written character. No Yasir just decided to pen a drama full of fiction and fantasy driving the story to the most sick and absurd point. Seema Ghazal Fresh Timing:

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