They also begin practice tasting exams with current Master Sommeliers. This is actually a film about wine! You can watch it now on Netflix — so throw a wine party and watch it with friends. Courtesy of Forgotten Man Films. Also, in selecting four male candidates as his subjects, Wise limits women to the role of significant others, though there are 18 American female Master Sommeliers and about a quarter of current MS candidates are women. For more information about the Napa Valley Film Festival, or to purchase passes to see additional screenings of Somm , go to http: Sommelier Dustin Wilson gets some practice with the service component of the MS exam.

We dive deeply Into the Bottle. Essential Guide Wine Folly: Jean Trimbach has a sort of sardonic enthusiasm when talking about the pillaging that happened in Alsace during WW1 and WW2. It received points and DLynn Proctor opens it. She did note that the film was “an entree into a little-known world. The father her grandfather was outraged and the anger between them was never resolved. I was fortunate enough to see the movie on 7th which was exactly what I expected.

We start to realize that sommeliers preferences are very different than regular wine drinkers. The role of the sommelier in its purest form is to help guests match food with wine.

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However, as a sommeliere in one of the most difficult markets-New York, I must admit I had my challenges. Humor isn’t lost in the observation of the group’s obsessive pursuit. I don’t think the film is trying to represent the entire industry; it is the story of four good friends pursuing the same goal.

Moviee can follow him on Instagram here. AA — Do you have a favourite bottle of Penfolds? Angela founded the iYellow Wine Club in Regarding the comment on women as sommeliers, I saw the film at the premiere and it follows four real-life friends – one of whom happens to be African-American There is some wonderful commentary by fellow female Masters candidates and Master Sommelier Emily Wines.


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DP — I wish I could only moovie one lesson. Ever heard of the movie Somm? Since then, she’s been fearlessly leading the wine revolution in Toronto with her trusty winetourage. Courtesy of Forgotten Man Films.

Member Comments 6 comment s. In another funny sequence, some of the more obscure wine mivie are discussed, from cat pee to a can of freshly opened tennis balls. The Essential Guide to Wine. They also begin practice tasting exams with current Master Sommeliers.

AA — Peter Gago is such an incredible man and winemaker for Penfolds, what is one lesson that he has taught you? The documentary goes into everything that was sorely missed in the first film: Jean, whose family has been movvie Trimbach wines for 13 generations, opens a very rare bottle of Clos Sainte Hune and shares it with his son.

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Inside Scoop SF blog. Suffice it to say that there were patrons who insisted that a woman can’t possibly be a somm and asked for the “guy. In the real world, women are assuming the roles of sommeliers.

January 29, Length: Fewer than people in the world have move earned the title Master Sommelier, which requires passing a final exam with three parts: Madeline Puckette talks about Robert Parker. Common study techniques include tracing Dpynn maps for color-coding wine regions, making an absurd amount of flashcards, even Skyping with each other at 2: We left wondering how it tasted. Jean Trimbach has a sort of sardonic enthusiasm when talking about the pillaging that happened in Alsace during WW1 and WW2.


Into the Bottlewith a theatrical release planned for later in the year. Most Emailed Most Commented Article: Find out more here. We watch as the candidates trace maps, attempt to memorize obscure grapes and regions and participate in blind tasting after blind tasting to sharpen their skills. And yet I thought the movie honestly reflected the current industry of sommeliers predominantly male though women are breaking in for sure.

Moviw was hit hard and it went from being part of Germany to being absorbed into France. Esquire Magazine’s Cal Fussman praised the film as ” Why do Sommeliers love Riesling so much? The moie begins in the San Francisco Bay Area briefly touching on the history of wine and the existence of the prestigious Master Sommelier exam. Ian Cauble stays up the entire night studying flash cards as his stress level builds. Wines of the Week. On the other hand, I would love to see a movie “sommeliere lady sommelier ” which, I am sure, will expose a different type of struggle in addition to the usual ones.

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