It was actually really awesome as opposed to the rather eeeeeeeh first episode. They will definitely animate all of his Railgun backstory. Then the plot started trippin’ balls and everyone was bitching each other out like crazy. I’m not that keen on the anime adaptions as they all stray too far away from the manga for my liking. Just remember, do not look up any spoilers and make sure to watch up to at least episode 3. The nudity in the opening felt more Yes Misaka, the enemy is Academy City itself. FZ is based off a novel but FSN is based off a game.

Also, nobody would have given Misaka a rusty coin at the beginning, to reach the finals was a huge feat and a positive outcome for her: That means there aren’t any subtitles. And I like how the ED change to fit the mood of the episode. Although it could be a different apartment,the couch and bed are positioned similar to those of Index. DreamingLily All reviews 45 people found this review helpful. I think I know who that is..

I’m excited for the rest because anything could happen: Well Bleach was one of the first Manga I’ve started to read a while back when I was just getting into Anime and Manga. Based TouMAN is here!

AHh i need to get this. You should watch it.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 11 Discussion

I’ve watched “Highschool of the Dead”. The denial is strong but the loyalty is weak in this one. Woah nostalgia trip, the vending machine scene! I wonder how long people would put up with this.


Maybe I should check it out after all.: I’ve only read the first two volumes of the Manga. Anyways, for all you Sailor Moon fans out there here comes a fan made Sailor Moon “movie”.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 11 Discussion – Forums –

It simply was meh. You could watch an actual anime that is, y’know, good. Forced myself to read through the kidsketching chapters after the anime’s ended. Keiichi was out of his mind at the time and Rena and Mion were just trying to help.

General Anime and Manga Thread! [Archive] – Page 5 –

But Misaka and Touma in there. It can be fictional bands, videogames, visual novels, animmeultima characters, well, as long as the image is based in that style. On topic, I hear Gate 7 volume 1 is due out next month.

I love the manga and second anime. Just click “episode 1” and you will probably find I finished Elfen Lied animeutima other day. This was, overall, a very lovely show with craptons of shocking plot twists.

Lot’s of action, blood, gore, etc. Edit Ending Theme 1: Well, there’s no shame in losing to Kurome at least, I don’t know this Morgiana though. But the first anime the one in the video is blasphemous. That Misaka I outo eye design kind of does suck They will definitely animate all of his Railgun backstory.


And I can see people complaining about Accelerator’s past here in terms of its relevance and importance to his character. Crispy, use manga scans plz, those images aren’t HQ enough to represent Kurome at her best: Last Page Stark – Sep raiglun, How the heck do you wankers watch it so early?

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S. I wrote a very angry review on MAL.

kzgaku I like that they started Accelerator’s past here,that way it wont “mess” the fight much. It’s too bad there wasn’t a sequel, I really loved that anime.: Am I supposed to be impressed? C Why are you having so many problems? This is kinda cute. Oh God Kuroko silly you, getting over exaggerated just like I kinda expected. A lot of scenes reminded me of why people make fun of anime.

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